Thank you MTV for bringing acknowledgment to something that nobody els on the news will

they’ve been so on top of things lately like I remember seeing the yes all women hashtag all over mtv I am so thankful

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Moon Rise Time Slice…. This is a collage of 11 photos taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds.

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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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f(amber) for Spao

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goddammit al

(print for matsuricon, will probably undergo a few more changes before printing, but for now i’ve got other things to work on)

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Smiling Luffy and Zoro.

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Fall 2014 tumblr trends prediction:


  • this website will still be hell
  • cookie clicker makes a comeback

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ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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Author Chuck Palahniuk first came up with the idea for the novel after being beaten up on a camping trip when he complained to some nearby campers about the noise of their radio. When he returned to work, he was fascinated to find that nobody would mention or acknowledge his injuries, instead saying such commonplace things as “How was your weekend?” Palahniuk concluded that the reason people reacted this way was because if they asked him what had happened, a degree of personal interaction would be necessary, and his workmates simply didn’t care enough to connect with him on a personal level. It was his fascination with this societal ‘blocking’ which became the foundation for the novel. 

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So my facebook friend just posted this pic with this text….

Well, I just witnessed blatant racial injustice with my own eyes. I was getting in my car after exiting a store when a young black man stumbled past me and collapsed against the store wall. When I got out to see if he was okay, a group of white people came rushing over, one of whom was a 20-something white woman who declared in distress, “I ran a red light and hit him with my car!” People immediately assured her that SHE would be okay, meanwhile the young man is writhing in pain on the ground, pants leg torn, tears running down his face. When the police arrived and the young woman explained what happened, it was suggested to her that maybe the light had been yellow and that the young man had “darted out into the street into her path.” I was floored. I said, “But she just SAID she ran the red light and hit him in the intersection!” 

The police officers then led the young woman away and began talking with her privately in low tones. When the paramedics FINALLY got there I was surprised at the hostility they showed towards the young man. One blonde female EMT (shown in the photo) suggested that he couldn’t be THAT hurt if he was able to walk from the place where he was struck to the sidewalk where he finally collapsed. White bystanders commented several times about “What that poor girl must be going through.” I was the only one who commented on what the young man must be going through, what, with his mangled leg and all. I am absolutely positive that in the end “that poor girl” will be absolved of all wrongdoing and be able to go on her merry way. After all, she just ran a red light and slammed her car into the body of some black kid on a bike, right?

And people wonder why black people are so angry and want to break shit.

friendly reminder that studies have shown that white people do not empathize with Black people and we (including medical personel) also think Black people feel less pain

wow, I had almost the exact same thing happen to me once.

Was smashed into while on my bike by an old white woman who ran a stop sign as I rode at full speed with traffic. Busted my leg and totaled my bike… in fact, she was so out of it she kept driving with my bike pinned under her car for a block before people waved her down / honked at her to stop.

Witnesses called the cops while I was lying in the street. I stood up in shock and started yelling “you hit me! I can’t believe you fucking hit me with your car! What the hell is wrong with you!” but could feel I had a concussion and was bleeding from a few spots so I sat down on the curb. The paramedics and cops got there, made sure I wasn’t dead and and the went to comfort the old woman!

Before the cops arrived on the scene the woman was half in a daze, teary-eyed, repeating to witnesses, “I thought she was stopping! I don’t know why, I thought she was stopping! I didn’t mean to hit her!” but after a long period of time spent talking privately with the cops (the sun now just barely starting to set) her story changed to “I didn’t see her! It was dark and she didn’t have lights, I couldn’t see her!”

Then from the cops it was, “you need to calm down, girl” and “if you were really hurt you wouldn’t have stood up so quickly” and “she says you yelled profanities at her… I know you don’t want to be in trouble but that’s what’s going to happen if you’re not careful. That’s harassment you know.” and even though it was full daylight when I was hit, “you know, I noticed you don’t have lights on your bike. That could get you into a lot trouble if you’re not careful.” always a vague, “in trouble if your not careful” in a demeaning tone of voice.

A week or so later the police report came in and held me at fault for biking without proper lights after dark (which they completely fabricated; it was day) and stated the time of the accident as a full hour later to validate that claim. I disputed it and filled a personal suit against the woman for damages. During litigation for my case she was found to be legally blind and her license was revoked, but to this day the original police report still stands saying I verbally assaulted the woman but she chose not to press charges (gee wiz, lucky me) and that I was biking at night without lights.

Any scrap of faith I had left in law enforcement dissolved that day but I am grateful to have walked away with an important lesson and my life intact.

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  • me: instantly jumps to worst possible conclusion
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Last words of unarmed black youth gunned down by law enforcement. 

"There are reasons why white gun’s rights activists can walk into a Chipotle restaurant with assault rifles and be seen as gauche nuisances while unarmed black men are killed for reaching for their wallets or cell phones, or carrying children’s toys. Guns aren’t for black people, either.”

from America is Not For Black People

if you live your whole life and then die without making a purposeful choice to become a white ally then American racism becomes your legacy.

from Becoming a White Ally to Black People in the Aftermath of the Michael Brown Murder

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Tumblr meet my gal pal, sallysetonboughttheflowers.


*precisely determines where i should take the next bite of my sandwich*

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