Everyday I’m like “today imma get my shit together” and by the end of the day I’m like “tomorrow is the day for real”

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Wish I would’ve gotten to this sooner since it’s late to be posting, but I really love this particular message and the discussion around “being a man” and how it relates to the treatment of women as well as gay men (or anyone else perceived as “less” / equivocated with being undesirably weak)

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This is the first time I really started a campaign for someone I personally know. Mainly because this individual really needs your help and I am personally close to this person. I have gotten to know this person over the two years and her family, and the environment she lives in.

Wendy is a young adult who goes to school full-time, has a part-time job, loves hanging out with her friends, loves animal (have two cats and 2 dogs currently), loves to help those who are less fortunate, has passion to learn and the drive to work hard.
She lives with her parents (who are separated but still lives together in the same household), her grandparents, her younger brother, and two older sisters.

For over the two years, I’ve witnessed verbal and physical abuse within the household. Especially coming from the males. At a young age, Wendy and along with her other siblings have suffered abuse from their father, both verbal and physical. Even their own mother has suffered abuse from his hands, which resulted few miscarriages throughout her life. I don’t think I should go into more details in case it might upset you, but it’s very extreme.

So you may ask, why didn’t they report to the police? Why didn’t they lock their father away?
Simply because he was the one who provided for their family, along with their mother and he was still their ‘father.’

As you can see, Wendy grew up in a family where she wasn’t taught love and respect, just violence and verbal abuse. As she grew older, her father slowly stopped physically hurting his children. Still, this has taken a lot of affect on their family. But the good news is, Wendy still grew up to be optimistic and is a hard-working individual because she wishes to escape and live a better life. But like any other college in-debt students, you have no choice but to stay where it’s most convenient for you financially.

Things got a lot worse as the months went by. I heard death threats, things being broken, screaming, etc. Then by last Thursday, things got extremely out of hand. It resulted with her being in jail, which her own father actually placed her in there. He actually called the cop on his own child and didn’t even care to know where she was or how she was doing. Why was she in jail you ask? The case was she got in an argument with her own brother and things got messy. The way cop sees it, is that she hurt her brother. That she may have started it, but in fact, that wasn’t the case. They didn’t want to hear the background story of how this came to be. Instead they accused her and kept accusing her until she said that whatever they said, they were right. They simply asked if she hit her brother, and that was that. She was locked away. I was there that day, and I can assure you, it was the brother who has started the argument. It was him who started throwing things at her, and it was just unfortunate that the outcome was ugly.

Now, I don’t want to bad mouth the brother but let me break it down for you. He is the only son. So like any other Asian family, he is spoiled and loved. His parents, no matter what he does, will always protect him. His only friend is his mother. He is awkward and socially underdeveloped. He doesn’t know how to express himself, and often gets red in the face when he try to do so. I often think that because of his father, he wasn’t raised properly and was only taught violence and anger. He has so many mental issues. They have tried to seek him help but the therapist had no interest in him and only signed him to be “normal.” In my eyes, he is a 19 year old teenager but with the mind of a 12-year-old.  He throw tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants, and often gets angry when his mother doesn’t pick up his calls or comes home at a certain time. He is extremely clingy with her (sleeps with her from time to time), and stutters often when he talks. He also has a case of violent issue. He has physically hurt his grandparents, his mother, and all his sisters at one point. He has broken doors, broken mirrors, and even hurt their beloved dog, Pinku. But still the parents don’t seem to accept the fact that their son might be mentally ill. He has even send death threats to Wendy and mentioned how he is superior because he is was born a ‘male.’ He mentioned how it’s easy for him to purchase a gun and how easy it is to kill her along with everyone else. He even expressed how he idolizes all these young Asian male serial killers, and mentioned that since he is three times more athletic and fit than those he idolized he should be feared because he can be more dangerous.

Did your heart drop yet? Mine did. The day I saw those messages, it terrified me. I didn’t even want to head back to the house and begged her to tell her parents to get him help. Of course, the parents want to think of their son to be perfectly normal and fine.

But no. Her brother is extremely unstable and seems a bit mentally ill. He needs help but instead, the father and mother rather have their own daughter locked away than their ill son. I just can’t seem to understand why this is happening.

Currently, Wendy has been bailed out and has gotten a lawyer to fight for her case but it seems it will be a tough fight. She has a felony on her record, so you can imagine how tough it is for her right now. She is also not allowed to be home. Right now she is currently staying with a relative temporarily until she can figure out what to do.

What she needs is hope and faith that she can pull through this. She is in danger to herself right now because of this whole situation. A felony on her record could really ruin her life and I really don’t want that to happen for her when she is still young and has a bright future ahead of her. I’ve been spending time with her everyday just to make sure she is emotionally stable but I fear she has almost given up on herself. So help me restore that faith and hope for her.



If you’re nonbinary and someone says “ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention” you are exempt from listening to their boring as fuck announcement feel free to continue doing whatever it was you were doing rules do not apply to you.

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I have lived through many ages.
through the eyes of salmon, deer and wolf.

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don’t you just hate it when you want to get to know someone but you have no idea what to talk about

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im gonna lose more weight and get tattooed and be super hot soon just you wait

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i scare people lots because i walk very softly and they don’t hear me enter rooms so when they turn around i’m just kind of there and their fear fuels me

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  • white man: well, if male privilege and white privilege exist, then how come my life isn't perfect? checkmate
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People are losing their fire and forgetting about Ferguson. That’s exactly what the police want, though: for all of this to just go away and for people to forget about it.

Don’t let that happen.

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  • mom: what time did you go to bed last night?
  • me: that information is confidential
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  • Straight Person: So you're gay, right?
  • What I Think: Well, actually I identify more as queer, I'm pretty much exclusively attracted to women but I don't believe that anyone's sexuality can be summed up purely in relation to gender, and it's certainly possible that I could become attracted to someone who doesn't identify as female at some point in my life and I wouldn't want to close myself off to a potentially fulfilling relationship for the sake of a label, and what does gay really mean anyway, it's not like because I'm a lesbian I'm expected to be attracted to all women, I guess you could call me homoflexible but that term is so cringeworthy I can't even get into it, and another thing....
  • What I Say: Yeah, I'm gay.
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Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

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